School Sports Day, Egg and Spoon Race

It is that time again for egg and spoon races, a day (kind of) off school and family fun. A day for rewarding pupils for their efforts in competitions through the year. Whether you are running the event, or part of the crew, whether it is to raise funds, or just as light relief in the school year, we thought we would compile a few checklists for the big day.

So what type of events happen on a school sports day? 

You can run a number of events on the day including straight forward running and track and field races. These can be run over extended lengths but mostly 100m tracks are best for primary school races. You can organise relay races, sprint, 200m and hurdles. Throw in a running backwards race but keep the distance short.

Parents and children races can be organised and three legged races. Egg and spoon races are always popular but make sure you don’t use fresh eggs. You can run a horseshoe throwing competition around a wooden stake, but if there is too much weight, think about using bean bags and soon hula hoops as targets.

Split the groups up by age for some of the activities. This is probably most easily done by classes, but you may also split groups up by mixed ages and abilities. It can be fun to organise groups of pupils mixed with all ages and have mammoth multisport events. Again, keeping the distances short and having a number of silly games included. These can be football dribbling, running round in circles three times, climbing over chairs or crawling under nets. 

1/ Fun: Overall point of the day and it may sound obvious but let’s keep it fun

2/ Engagement: Get everyone involved. From all age ranges within the school and including the crowd, parents, friends and even teachers.

3/ Safety: Keep an eye on safety for all involved. 

What other things will we need:

Whistles, markers, pens and papers for keeping the score, some ticker tape for the finish line. Keep a first aid kit close at hand for those slips, trips and falls. Have a stop watch. Plan the days activities and give copies to your trusted colleagues. Preferably give buffer times of at least 5 minutes. 

Have a mega phone to call for each race. Give the megaphone to someone that can use it. If you can’t use a megaphone, swallow your pride, hand it over. Make sure to have a camera and some trophies for the big day. Awards are a crucial part of running the competitions and rewarding your pupils is all important.

My advice is for some major trophies and some medals to go along with it. Most schools purchase trophies and plaques for the overall winners and gives medals as a reward to take home for all other pupils.

Along with the awards, improvise a winners podium. Get the crest done on A1 pages or get the crest printed professionally. Display it behind and get the year printed up. Keep it all together and take all of the winners pics against it. You’ll thank me in a few years time when you forget what year you took the pics!

Overall, enjoy the day and keep it fun. Get some sweets for the pupils. If the day went badly, at least the kids will be on a high!