Trocaire Solidarity Awards

Saturday, 19 November 2011 08:44:53 Europe/London


On 15th November 2011 in Belfast City Hall, we were proud to be present at the Solidarity Awards for Trocaire. Not just because of a stellar event, but because the Trophy Awards & Gifts Store developed those awards.

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Irish Export Cooperative -

Thursday, 13 October 2011 01:59:10 Europe/London


We are proud to announce the launch of the Irish Export Cooperative at We want to substantially reduce the cost of exporting for Small Medium and Micro Enterprises in Ireland by coming together as small businesses to achieve economies of scale. We have a long list of supporters but we want all small businesses to sign up now to to achieve the discounts for 2012

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My Google SEO 17.5cm Success

Monday, 26 September 2011 13:52:52 Europe/London

I have a little bit of a quirk going on with Google. To know what I mean, try the following:

1/ Go to

2/ Search for '17.5 cm'

3/ Look at what pops up around 6th-10th position

4/  (For added oomph, click on '+1' button for me, or click through the link)

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Marist 150 year Celebrations

Monday, 5 September 2011 01:46:45 Europe/London

The Marist (St. Mary's College Dundalk), are about to celebrate 150 years of being a secondary school on the 15th October. Check out the email sent round here

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Dundalk Futsol Street League

Monday, 5 September 2011 01:26:27 Europe/London

FAI Logo

If you are about the Louth area particularly Dundalk, please help us spread the message of the up and coming leagues for this year. A collaborative effort between a lot of parties have joined forces to have all boys and girls aged 10 to 16 years of age compete in this years Dundalk Street League

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Small businesses exporting Irish products to the US

Monday, 22 August 2011 19:42:43 Europe/London


About a week ago, we got asked to ship our awards and gifts to America from our website. Normally they are small orders and from experience, the shipping costs tower over the price of the actual goods. But from an order request recently, I got to think about the possibilities of shipping globally. 

As a small firm, I wanted to ship my small quantity of products. I wouldn’t know when my next international orders would come in and so I couldn’t project or forecast. Also, the items in question took up no more than the size of a shoebox, weighing around 2kg. Finding out took time, but I have an answer, and in theory is a very simple idea...


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Organising a School Sports Day

Sunday, 1 May 2011 00:00:40 Europe/London

It is that time again for egg and spoon races, a day (kind of) off school and family fun. A day for rewarding pupils for their efforts in competitions through the year. Whether you are running the event, or part of the crew, whether it is to raise funds, or just as light relief in the school year, we thought we would compile a few checklists for the big day.

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Encouraging Competition

Sunday, 26 September 2010 03:14:43 Europe/London


Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of everyone being a winner. Encouraging people to do their best will always be a positive thing, but let's face it, there is usually only one winner. Whether it be on the field, in the classroom, in the work place or on the global stage, it can only be a few that bring home the first place prize.

So what can you do for these victors? A pat on the back? A thumbs up and a shake of the hand. Or what about a trophy? A plaque or award? A medal for each of the competitors would surely be a positive thing. We have plenty of ideas to reward your new victors.

We have trophies, plaques, glass and crystal to give them their reward. Check out the rest of the website for the best that we have to offer you to offer your competitve awardees.

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